Scandinavian Heart Waffles

Freshly made waffles with great taste!

We are now serving
lactoseFREE & sugarFREE waffles Baked with glutefree Buckwheat!

The Classic

Made the classical way with delicious ingredients. Our recipe gives our waffles a unique flavor that is not to heavy or to sweet. A delicacy with a touch of something secret.

WaffleSlices - To Go

If you want your waffle on the go, we serve it in a smart little, easy to carry "boat" perfect to hold in hand when you are out shopping.

Lactose, Sugar & Gluten FREE!

We serve a lactose-free, sugar-free waffle baked on gluten-free buckwheat flour, it has no artificial sweeteners, and with a fantastic taste! That makes this waffle the perfect option for those who stay away from the simple carbohydrates, but without any compromise of taste or consistency.

The Shop / Concept

A little shop located in the corner of Arkaden Food Hall in Odense, we make freshly baked waffles on order. Our waffles are inspired by the old original scandinavian waffle, like it was made in the old days and all our desserts are homemade recipes with a modern twist to give them a unique flavor. Dedicated to make delicious waffles in different tastes with sweet, salty & fresh ingredients, there is something for everyone, even a lactose-free, sugar-free version baked on gluten-free buckwheat!

We made our concept to be as simple as possible, and not overwhelming. We have some prefixed options and a build-your-own, where you can choose how many and what kinds of toppings you want.

Looking forward to seeing you.